The Jayne Pheare Series

Pandora Cover 003Killing is easy, love might kill her…

Killing is second nature for an assassin like Jayne. “Pandora” has been taking out targets for years and making the world a better place while she was at it.

Drug dealers, murderers and rapists would find themselves in her crosshairs. So long as someone was willing to pay, and someone was almost always willing to pay.

So why, when a reward was offered for the death of the abusive Alpha of a local pack, did she hesitate? And why was the pack starting to feel more and more like family? And who was sending more assassins to attack those Jayne was starting to love?

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Sometimes it’s easier to be alone.Malice Cover001

Being in a pack isn’t easy for Jayne. As a lone wolf she thought only about what she wanted to do. Now a mysterious woman with ties to Jayne’s past has shown up needing Jayne’s help.

Should she help the mysterious lady, even though it could put the pack in danger? And how can she ignore someone who could give her answers about her past?

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