The Books

Pandora Cover 003The Jayne Pheare Series

Killing is easy for Jayne, better known to the world as assassin Pandora. She has steady jobs and only takes those where justice is being fulfilled.

But sometimes those jobs aren’t what she thought they would be. Sometimes her victims aren’t the guilty — they’re the innocent. Now Jayne is learning that the world isn’t as black and white as she thought it was.


Crooked Games 002The Crimson Badge Series

The cops of Crimson Doe cannot be trusted. When they should be arresting criminals, they turn and look the other way. When they should be helping, they are hurting.

That is until Brooks Carson joins the IA.


IMG_4620Origin XXII

When the space ship the last of humanity was using to find a new home dies in the middle of the black — the starless voids between solar systems — the only hope is to send the best pilots they have out in the escape pods and hope for a miracle.

Now it’s a race against time to find a planet to make into their new home, and get back to the ship before everyone runs out of time.

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